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My New Browser Goes to 11 (-8) and Your Browser Sucks.

Just 1 back button is for losers apparently.So I upgraded today from an earlier version of 3 to the new beta 5.  Biggest difference?  Not one, not two, but three sets of navigation buttons!  Yeah, behold the future of surfing UI you chumps.

So I checked and IE 7? One back button.  Opera v9.27?  One measly back button.  Safari 3.1?  Yep, only one.  Losers.  Once again the folks at the fox are blazing trails with usability.  Baby got back x 3.

Navigating backward has never been easier or more fun.  Thanks Firefox!  After being Rickrolled earlier tonight (thanks Grandma) I navigated back so fast that I pulled a muscle in my neck.  This is like my browser going to 11, only 8 less.

Upgrade today and I’ll see you somewhere back there, ’cause that’s where I’ll be.