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GLaDOS Soul Injection

Alright, I admit, I’m a Portal junkie.  I discovered it somewhat early on and have rolled around in its success like a dog in a crap filled ditch, revelling in the stank of the world loving the game, no, the experience, like I have.  It makes you feel good to see something you love find success.  I could say nearly the same (although a modicum less stank in this iteration) about Jonathan Coulton, who I am very excited to say I am going to see in concert tomorrow night.

I also came across a great analysis of GLaDOS’ physical form, a vision that I must admit I did not catch when playing the game but am fascinated by now.

That all being said, I came across a version of the Coulton-penned, Portal-centric song ‘Still Alive’ today performed in a minor key that I think was really the high point of my day.  The singing is OK, but the piano playing  and interpretation of the song is stellar.  I’d buy a copy for the old iPod.

Here’s my recipe for success tonight:

Open a great beer.

Get yourself a Portal themed shirt.

Listen to Coulton’s best song (’Skullcrusher Mountain’ in my not so humble opinion).

Then enjoy this inspired interpretation of ‘Still Alive’.  Forego the cake, trust me.

Song Charts

This started with my finding a brilliantly mocking graph that someone had made further poking fun at the Rick-rolling Rick Astley anthem ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’.  From there I was led down a rabbit hole to a group of people that are creating graphical representations of songs.  My first one follows, long live Sammy:

Most are far more inventive and wonderful, here are 2 that you should not miss:

And here is the one that started it:  Rick Astley