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Workday Message Board

I came across the Windows-based desktop tool extraordinaire ‘Samurize‘ the other day courtesy of my friends at Lifehacker and have been running with it ever since.

The app does a number of things, the one that really interested me was integrating the contents of a text file on your desktop and updating it as the file changed.  My usage started with first the ‘Hello World’ of desktop modding and adding a todo list, then evolved to writing a script that monitored a number of automated processes at work and created a text file for an embedded desktop dashboard.

I then turned my attention to how I could set up something with Dropbox and Samurize to synch between my daytime laptop and the one at home where the kids are constantly working.  Both being Windows machines made this easy as Samurize is currently Windows only.  Now I have 2 cross referenced files, synced over the net with Dropbox, that are edited on one machine and appear on the desktop of the other.  This makes it easy to post notes and messages, in a bulletin board style setup, to the kids during the day, allowing them to do the same.

Now we have a live bulletin board for swapping messages during the work day.  Shiny.

I have a few Dropbox invites left, shoot me an email if you want one of them.