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ASP and a Dynamic Slide Show Control

This is a quick, simple (functional yet inelegant?) piece of IIS-friendly code for a user-driven slide show that I was asked to whip up.

A user wanted to post an mp3 along with some slides that the viewer could flip through along with listening to the audio.  In an effort to not have to revisit the code each time they had new slides to post I wrote a page (in classic ASP as the server supported it) that will monitor a folder for .JPG ’slides’ and build/manage the forward and back navigation of slides for you while enumerating your postion in the slides versus the total.  If the slides are in alphabetical order this just works and they can add/remove/edit slides all day with no changes needed to the slide code.  The forward and back buttons (not included) appear and disappear as appropriate.

Full code and comments after the jump.
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