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Screensavers for Kindle

I finally wearied of the stock screensavers on my Kindle and decided to take matters into my own hands, replacing what Amazon provided with a few of my favorite Science, Science Fiction and Fantasy authors instead. Instructions to change out your screensavers are below as are the pics I slapped names on to use on mine. The Lovecraft is actually a drawing by Bruce Timm, one of my favorite artists. Anyway, here is the collection I went looking for when I decided to upgrade my Kindle’s images and, when I could not find them, I whipped them up myself.

Brief instructions:

Note that this will remove all of the native screensavers, if you hate that you can restore by removing the Kindle folder //system/screen_saver and restarting the unit. That’ll restore the native savers.

  1. Attach the Kindle to your pc using a USB cable, you should see a drive named ‘Kindle’
  2. Create a new folder in the Kindle’s root named ‘pictures’ and one under that named ’screensavers’
  3. Copy your new image files into the screensavers folder (they have to be 8bit greyscale 800 x 600)
  4. Disconnect Kindle
  5. Go to the Kindle’s home menu and press alt-Z. This will create a new book called “screensavers” at the end of your book list, open that book
  6. Flip through the pics in that new book and press alt-F to go into Full Screen mode then press alt-shift-0 (i.e., alt-shift-zero) to export as a screensaver . After a short delay, you’ll get a message that your picture has been exported as a screensaver. Close the message and go to the next one.

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