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My mug is my t-shirt – 5 cool choices

Modern geek culture embraces sporting our messages.  It became crystal clear to me at a recent Jonathan Coulton concert that t-shirts were  being worn less to cover our pasty and deltoid-lite physiques than they were to get our message out.  Odd as it may seem, it seems to be the accepted way we communicate in public.  Right out in the open and still hidden as that dude next door has no idea what ‘Alderaan had it coming’ means.  I can’t wear a t-shirt at work (’cause that the kind of job I have) but I can sport a mug.

So it is about time to replace my ‘Kneel Before Zod’ mug at work as after about 3 or so years of use it is developing a protective coating of coffee-like scudge inside.  I see co-workers gagging when they think I am not looking.  To date it has been my ‘Thunderdome’ fallback plan, assuming that if civilization collapsed I could always add some hot water and reconstitute one more cup before taking to the road with my 3 legged dog and kicking your ass for a pint of petrol.  I may retire it regardless.  Here are the current finalists in case you are mug shopping.



Mana Mug (need. more. mana.)


Cylon Mug (metallic aftertaste not included. not sure wtf a fresh roasted cylon is but I like the mug regardless)


'I wish I was a Beer' Mug (this is one of mine, shameful yes but I love it)


Gun Mug (sadly sold out currently 'cause this mug rocks)


Aperture Labs (awesome. with a gravity gun and this coffee cup I may be a god come the apocalypse)